Blonde Teen with Pink Nipples and Perfect Natural Breasts

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Jessica Alba’s Nipples Refuse to Quit

Jessica Alba’s erect nipples seem to have a mind of their own. Last year I had posted a picture on this blog of Jessica Alba’s breasts and erect nipples clearly visible like pointy erasers throught the fabric of her dress. I was surfing the web, looking for pictures of erect nipples through dresses and shirts and came across another beautiful picture of Jessica Alba’s perfect breasts and nipples clearly visible under her tight sweater.

Now isn’t that an adorable picture of Jessican Alba in a tight sweater with her nipples poking through? I love that Jessica Alba doesn’t seem to like to wear a bra. Her breasts are perfect, she doesn’t need one. And moreover, if she did decide to start wearing a bra, we would not be treated with such great shots of her erect nipples through her clothes.