Iveta B – One of the Most Beautiful Erotic Models Around

It is official, I am in love with Iveta B of Met-Art. I think she is one of the most beautiful, natural looking models on the internet today. She is so damn sexy in this, “I want to take her home and make dinner for her kind of way.” Don’t get wrong, she makes my dick hard and I want to fuck her senseless. But, I want to fuck her in a “I want you to have my babies, kind of way”, not in a “I want to fuck you up the ass and never see you again way”. Makes sense? LOL. Just look at her, she is adorable and perfect in every way. Her beautiful eyes, those full red lips that would feel awesome wrapped around my hard cock, her perfect breasts and suckable nipples. And last but not least, what you don’t see in that picture, but her perfect, round ass that I could bury my face in.

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Ruslana B of Met-Art’s Open, Shaved, Wet, Pink Pussy Close Up

I could eat pussy all day. But, once in a while you see a pussy that looks absolutely mouth watering and delicious. This beautiful, shaved, wet pink pussy from Met-Art is just such a pussy. It looks so inviting, as she just lays there with her legs spread open, the inner folds of her juicy, pink pussy just visible to our view. If you like fleshy pussies, with prominent suckable labia, or what you and I call pussy lips, this gorgeous pussy is for you. Her pussy lips are just begging to be sucked into your mouth. That is a close up of one very pretty pussy.

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Carli Banks Spread Her Ass and Wet, Shaved Pussy Wide Open

Ahh, Carli Banks, where have you been? I have missed you. In case you didnt know, I have a bit of a Carli Banks obsession. I have written about Carli Banks on this blog numerous times before. I think she is the perfect woman. I had compared her looks to Cameron Diaz, while I still think she kinda resembles Cameron Diaz, I think  Carli is way hotter. Cameron is just looking a lot older now, not young and fresh the way she did in “There’s Something About Mary”. Here is Carli Banks spreading her perfect ass cheeks wide open and showing us her beautiful tight asshole and suckable, shaved, wet, pink pussy.

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Put together those three words in a sentence, for example- lesbian teens sixty nine each other’s shaved teen pussies. What do you get? One explosive scene that will have you salivating, your dick throbbing and leave you wanting more. Teens lesbians in dick hardening 69 scenes is one of the specialities of When it comes to lesbians, these guys pretty much have it covered. Here is a scene with Zafira and Jackie.

Zafira has her tongue half way inside her lesbian love, Jackie’s shaved teen pussy. At the same time, Jackie has her mouth around Zafira’s pussy and is sucking her juicy pussy lips into her mouth.

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Getting Right Into the Crack with Lesbian Ass Lickers

We have had a few posts about shaved teen pussies and I have put up some close up pussy pictures that would even make a gynaecologist blush. Let us change the subject a little bit and talk about one of my other favourite topics, LESBIANS! I love a good hard core, pussy grinding, clit sucking, dildo stuffing teen lesbian scene. But, what I love even more is lesbian ass licking! There is just something about watching a couple of teen beauties spreading their perfect ass cheeks wide open and licking each other’s pink buttholes.

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One of my favourite sites for really high definition close up lesbian ass licking action has to be These people know their ass cracks and they really know how to get up close to the action. If you wanted to examine a hot girl’s ass crack getting licked really up close, you have to check out inthecrack. The camera work is flawless, the pictures are clear, up close and almost life size. Other than being there in person, you really can’t get much closer to the action.

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Another Close Up View of a Pink, Wet, Shaved Pussy

I am always amazed when I look at a woman’s pussy. I must have seen thousands of pussies and not one of them is the same. Each pussy is unique, beautiful in it’s way. I love examining pussies close up. Admiring their beauty with my eyes, opening the pussy lips up with my fingers, dipping my finger into the wet, open pussy hole, spreading the hood open and taking a look at the hard, engorged clit. Of course, I can’t just stop at looking. A an open shaved pussy is an irresistible tasty delight. Running my tongue up and down between the shaved pussy lips, fucking the pussy hole with my tongue, sucking on the clit.

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Take at look at this closeup of Lilly from Met-Art’s shaved wet pussy. I have to say, that is one of the most delicious, lickable pussies I have ever seen. That is one pink, wet, tasty pussy. And what a great view, nice and up close. I can almost smell her pussy from here!

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Beautiful Brunette Valeria from Met Art’s Juicy Shaved Pussy Lips

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For you guys that love beautiful pink, fleshy, shaved pussies, and let us face it, who doesn’t, I bring you the very sexy brunette Valeria from none other but the masters of erotic art photography, Valeria has the type of big, juicy fleshy pussy lips that were just made to be chewed and sucked on. Of course, that big, shaved pussy is not the only thing that makes Valeria such a stunner. She has a perfect round butt and cute lickable pink, butthole. And how can forget those perfect, natural, breasts topped with pink suckable nipples. I have said it before and I will say it again, I don’t know how Met-Art gets these girls with fashion model looks to get naked and spread their shaved pussies wide open for us. Hey, I am not complaining, but I am constantly amazed when I see girls that could easily be on the catwalks of London or Paris, photographed in initmated detail.

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Blonde Teen Spreads Her Creamy Shaved Pussy Wide Open

Since we are on the topic of spread open, shaved teen pussies, here is another beauty from the guys over at This barely legal, blonde cutie is not shy about spreading open her naked pussy to give us an intimate view right inside her wet pussy. And that is one wet, creamy juicy pussy. I just love the way you can see her cream oozing out of her pussy. I have to say, pussy juices are one of the most delicious things in the world. That is one creamy, wet, delicious looking pussy. She is opening it up as if to say, licky my cream off my shaved teen pussy!

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If I had a barely legal teen show her pussy to me like that, I would spend a long time munching on her wet, shaved hole. Starting with her hot, clit, then licking of her pussy cream and all the way down to her cute little butthole.


A Place Called Heaven aka “Wet, Shaved, Open, Teen Pussy”

I love licking pussy. A clean, wet, shaved pussy is one of the sweetest, most delicious things in the world. If you love pussy as much as I do, then looking at a picture of soft, wet, shaved pussy like this one is enough to make your mouth water. I have to say, this picture is one of the best closeups of shaved, wet pussy I have seen in a long time. That is one very sweet looking pussy, from the shaved, glistening wet lips to the slightly open, wet pussy hole, just waiting to be penetrated by my tongue. And don’t miss the tight, pink, lickable asshole.

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In fact, if you like close up, erotic, artistic, high definition pictures of teen pussy, Errotica-Archives does it better than most porn websites out there. They exclusively use East European models(we know how hot they are) and shoot them in high definition for some of the clearest, up close pussy shots you can find.

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Three Young Lesbians from SapphicErotica Finger and Lick Each Other’s Pussies

I am going to be really predictable here and go with another lesbian sex scene from SapphicErotica. Yes, I know some of you might find this a little boring, if you are GAY! After all, what normal guy what turn down another scene with tight, young, teen lesbians fingering each other’s tight, teen pussies and licking on each other’s sweet pink assholes? OK, I can see how watching two, young lesbian babes sucking each other’s swollen, pink clits can get a little boring after a while. So, what do you say to three lesbians engaged in some mind blowing lesbian sex? These two blondes and one brunette and are some of the hottest girls I have seen in a lesbian sex scene, ever. Trust SapphicErotica to bring these delicious teen lesbians to us for some great, pussy fingering and clit sucking action.

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Briget, Britta, Geena Blonde Teen Lesbian Sex Pussy Licking Fingering SapphicErotica

These three lesbian hotties go by the names Briget, Britta and Geena. I am quite sure Geena is the brunette and then of course that leaves Briget and Britta as the blonde lesbians. As to which one is which, I will leave that up to you to figure out.

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