Ivette Opens Her Legs Showing Pussy Lips

I am sure you gusy won’t mind if I do another post here of the lovel brunette, Ivette. In my earlier post, she was opening up her ass and showing us her beautiful lickable ass. But I love this picture of her because it really shows up her suckable, shaved pussy lips. They are the kind of lips that you would just love to spend a long time sucking on.

Now for those of you guys who have a stocking fetish, I am sure you wont miss the beautiful black stockings she is wearing. They do a great job of showing off her great legs. By the way, Ivette is from Hungary. Surprise, surprise, another Hungarian hottie!

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Ivette shows her pink, suckable, big pussy lips

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Brunette Displaying Clean, Shaved Pussy Lips and Lickable Ass

I absolutely love this view, with the girl laying on her side opening up her ass and pussy. Ivette looks so OPEN and ready for whatever you want to do with that lovely ass of hers. She has the prettiest little butt hole that is just asking to be licked. And her pussy lips, clean, shaved, pink and suckable. Those are the kind of pussy lips that I would just love to suck into my mouth.

And way she has her ass cheeks spread so wide and open. What is she telling us? Finger my beautiful little asshole? Lick it? Stick your tongue in my ass? Whatever it is she is saying. I am saying YES!

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Ivette opens her asshole and pussy lips for view

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Exotic Looking Anetta Keys Spreads to Show Shaved Pussy

Alright, three guesses, where is this girl from? When I first saw this exotic looking brunette with the her tanned golden skin, I thought that she must have been Indian or maybe even Persian or Arabic. She used to have beautiful, long dark hair much like many of the Asian girls I see around here. She also has a nose ring, which is another trademark of Indian girls. Since then she has cut her long hair, which I think is a shame, because I absolutely love long haired women. Nonetheless, she still looks stunning. But, to answer the original question, this stunner whose name is Anetta Keys is in fact Czech!

I guess with her shorter hair, she does look a little less “exotic”. But, as she sits there with her beautiful tanned legs spread wide open, her hand directing our gaze to her beautiful shaved pussy, she looks gorgeous, regardless of where she is from.

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Office Desk Upskirt No Panties

Can you imagine walking into the office and having this woman draped over your desk? I am sure many of you guys must have fantasized about having your office cutie bent over the desk with her ass in the air and her skirt up around her waist.

Now, the only thing she is missing is my cup of morning coffee. One thing though about these pictures and you will see what I am talking about when you look at the set, she starts off in a dress, and then the next thing you know, the dress is up to her waist and her boobs are exposed. Where is the bra and the panties? I need a little bit of a tease sometimes. A black thong and a matching bra under that short red dress would have been.

Oh well, I guess I will just have to settle for the naked girl bent over my desk. Though I have to admit, if this girl came to office without a bra and not wearing any panties and flashed her pretty pussy underneath that dress all day at work, I would give her a raise!

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I don’t know much about her, except that she goes by the name of Zafira and I am pretty sure she is East European. While she does look stunning in that pose, she has a sexy, sultry look. The kind that gives me an instant hard on, even if I saw her with her clothes on. Don’t miss those lips of hers, no not the ones between her legs, The ones on her face. Honestly, I can only think of one good use for lips like that!

She can be found on the site as well. I seem to keep going back to their site for girls. What can I say, I like their stuff. Hot, girls in great poses, photographed very well. The picture quality on these is great. I have compressed the picture and cropped it to make it fit on the site, but it still looks great.

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Round Ass Brunette Displays Prominent Shaved Pussy Lips

I have to say that I really like this pose, with the girl lifting up one leg to expose herself completely to the camera. I do sometimes wonder though about the level of confidence these girls must have to be able to present their bodies in such a manner.
Of course this stunning brunette has nothing to be shy about. Her beautiful round ass cheeks and shaved pussy with prominent pussy lips are pretty close to perfection.

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That looks like one very tasty pussy and butt. This girl is from I am finding it difficult to exactly classify the niche that they serve. They themselves describe what they offer as “erotic photography”. That in itself is true, but most of the erotic photography I have seen is softer. This site has more of an edge to it.

As you can see the models are stunning and pictures on this site are professionally photographed. I guess the best way to describe it would be a Hustler meets Playboy type of photography. You do get to see the closeups of pussy lips and ass in stunning clarity, but they are all done very artistically, rather than “in your face”. Does that make any sense?!

Nella Czech “spinner” with Pouty Lips

I thought I would introduce you to another favourite nude model who has become very popular over the last couple of years. Her name is Nella and she is from the Czech Republic. Her look couldn’t be more different than Marketa‘s who I posted a couple of days ago. Nella is a brunette with a slim body that is a lot more charectiristic of the slavic models we see these days. In fact, she is what could be described as a “spinner”. Nonetheless, she is still stunning with a perfect round ass and a beautiful shaved pussy. She has wonderfully pouty lips and seems ready to jump into bed as she bends over in only her pink top showing us that fine ass of hers.

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