Anita Pearl Masturbates Her Wet Pink Pussy


So there I was, minding my own business and doing my own thing and then I saw her. The woman of my dreams. It was love at first sight. From her long dark hair and perfectly formed breasts to her firm, round ass I was smitten. She had an innocence and girl like charm, yet she looked like a supermodel and could be walking the runways of Paris and Milan. I wanted to make this woman my wife. But, there is only one problem, she is a pornstar. She spreads her pussy open and masturbates for the camera. Now, I could possibly accept her career choices if she were to only do on camera masturbation and girl girl lesbian sex, kind of like Sophie Moone. But, I would have to draw the line with her having sex with men on camera, and she would REALLY have to stop with the anal sex. No wife of mine is going to have another man’s dick in her ass.

Let me introduce you to Anita Pearl from DDFBeauties, my future wife and mother of my children. But, if you meet her don’t say anything to her ok? We haven’t talked about the marriage part yet. I want it to be a surprise. Truth be told, she doesn’t even know I exist. But, I plan to change that very soon. Would you let a woman like that get away from you? Look how beautiful her pussy looks. She has a delicious looking, juicy, wet pussy that makes my mouth drool. And as that pussy close up will testify, she is not shy either. She loves having the camera film her as she puts that toy in her pussy. She has great taste lingerie and looks awesome in that matching black and white lace bra and panty set she is wearing. Now, if only I can teach her to make dinner, I can start planning our wedding.

Another Close Up View of a Pink, Wet, Shaved Pussy

I am always amazed when I look at a woman’s pussy. I must have seen thousands of pussies and not one of them is the same. Each pussy is unique, beautiful in it’s way. I love examining pussies close up. Admiring their beauty with my eyes, opening the pussy lips up with my fingers, dipping my finger into the wet, open pussy hole, spreading the hood open and taking a look at the hard, engorged clit. Of course, I can’t just stop at looking. A an open shaved pussy is an irresistible tasty delight. Running my tongue up and down between the shaved pussy lips, fucking the pussy hole with my tongue, sucking on the clit.

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Take at look at this closeup of Lilly from Met-Art’s shaved wet pussy. I have to say, that is one of the most delicious, lickable pussies I have ever seen. That is one pink, wet, tasty pussy. And what a great view, nice and up close. I can almost smell her pussy from here!

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Jessica Alba’s Perfect Breasts And Hard, Erect Nipples

OK, I am tired of posting pictures of horny sluts with their pussies spread wide open. For a change I am going to post a picture of a hot girl with her clothes ON! Now, when it comes to hot women, they don’t get much hotter than Jessica Alba. She looks stunning with her clothes on, I can’t even begin to imagine Jessica Alba naked. Now, there seem be some rumours out there that Jessica Alba is dating 50 cent. I don’t know if they are true, but if they are, all I can say is “lucky bastard!” So, I am sorry guys, I don’t have any pictures of Jessica Alba’s naked pussy, BUT, I think I can give you guys SOMETHING that will help your imagine along.

Jessica Alba Breasts, Erect Nipples, Jessica Alba Pussy, Jessica Alba Cameltoe

All I can say is, WOW! Damn, look at those absolutely perfect breasts. And of course, Jessica Alba’s erect nipples are hard to miss. Her nipples are sharp and erect and so clearly visible through her thin dress. Of course Jessica Alba is not wearing a bra. When she has beautiful firm breasts like that, why would she? Oh and moving down from her perfect breasts take a look at the way her dress is sticking to her crotch. I think we can pretty much see the outline of Jessica Alba’s pussy and her beautiful pussy mound.

Nella works Sophie Moone’s Ass with a Butt Plug

By any measure, Sophie Moone has one of the finest asses in the business. I have been drooling over that ass ever since I first saw her on the net a couple of years ago. She has that beautiful, firm and round ass that sits high and sticks out just the right amount! In fact, it is very much like a latina ass. Imagine that. A latina booty on a blonde, blue eyed Hungarian babe.

And then there is Nella. She is another one of those models who has become very popular recently. So, imagine my delight when I saw the two of them together in this mind blowing lesbian scene from Nella is a very lucky girl as she works Sophie Moone’s beautiful ass with a butt blug. If you are a Sophie Moone fan, you are not going to want to miss watching Sophie Moone’s asshole being stretched, licked, fingered and penetrated by the beautiful Nella!

Sophie Moone and Nella from

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New Yorkers Trade Sex for Rent

If any of you have lived in or visited New York, you will know that accomodation is not easy to come by and when you do find a place to stay it is not cheap.

The New York Daily News is reporting that enterprising bachelors who have a place of their own have seized upon the opportinty and are advertising free accomodation to women. But, yes there is a catch. Nothing in life is free. In return for a place to stay, the women are being asked to have sex with the men. The paper picked up on the trend after seeing numerous ads on Craigslist. The text of one of the ads reads, “All I am looking for is an attractive, playful, and submissive woman who is uninhibited to my proposal… substituting rent for sexual encounters.” And another man says, “Take Care of My Needs and Live Rent Free”, offers: “All you have to do is take care of all my urges, and I’ll let you live in a one-bedroom apartment I own rent free.” Wow, New York has such generous men!

My question though is, why would any man want to put up with a high maintenance New York woman 24/7? Isn’t that what hookers for? You pay them to go away. Just ask Charlie Sheen.

Dutch Outdoor Orgies Getting Out of Control

Earlier today, I was browsing one of these news sites that always seem to have the quirkiest news stories. One that caught my eye was about the head of one of the national parks in Holland complaining about a growing trend of outdoor orgies. Maybe, I should have been born Dutch! Eric Droogh, who apparently is the head of Veluwe National Park goes on to say words to the effect that a national debate on wild sex parties in the countryside is essential! And here is a quote, “Outdoor sex is now commonly occurring in national parks and other public places. In some cases they just stopped beside the road in the picnic area or a meadow for the orgies.” So, let me get this right. People in Holland just routinely stop by the road for an orgy? While we look for highway signs point to the next  McDonald’s, the Dutch are looking for areas to have their next sex party. The term “service area” takes on a whole new meaning.

By the way, if you are thinking of visiting, one of the biggest holidays in the Dutch calendar is Queen’s Day. And it is actually coming up in a few weeks on April 30. So, if you have never been to Amsterdam, Queen’s Day is the time to go for some uninhibhited drunken fun. And if you are lucky, you just might catch a few orgies along the way.

Low Rise Jeans

If any of you guys are slaves to fashion, you will know that low rise jeans are very popular these days. Heck, that is all the women seem to be wearing anymore. Now I have to say I love low rise jeans on girls. The way these jeans hang, just right at the start of curve of the ass and then hugging the butt nice and close, it even makes girls that have less than perfect asses look good.

But, I digress. Last week I was out looking for a new pair of jeans and I realized that they make low rise jeans for guys as well. I tried them on and I thought, hey these look pretty good, so I bought them. Since I have been wearing them last week, I have noticed a lot more women looking at me. I kid you not! I was wondering about this and I took a close look again in the mirror. And I noticed something. These jeans actually make my crotch look more prominent! It actually sticks out in a noticeable bulge, much more so than it does if I wear normal jeans. That is when it hit me. Women stare at men’s crotches, much like we stare at their tits, ass and pussy!

I don’t know if all low rise jeans are like that, but the ones I got are from H&M, a Swedish retailer. If you have one in your area, try them out and see if you get the same effect!