Sophie Moone And Cayenne Licking Pussy In Hardcore Lesbian Sex

I have written about the stunning Hungarian model Sophie Moone before. I noticed her way back when she was just a wee 18 yr old. That must have been way back in 2001 when Sophie Moone first burst on to the internet modeling scene. She was everywhere and to this day remains one of the hottest internet models around. Sophie Moone’s own site, is a testament to this blonde, hungarian bombshell’s continuing popularity. Every time, I check out Sophie Moone’s site, the content seems to be hotter than before. I am pleased to report that Sophie Moone has become quite the lesbian seductress. In her latest scenes, Sophie Moone seduces hot, young, lesbian teens into having hardcore lesbian sex with her! OK, but it doesn’t stop there. If you are a regular reader of my blog, you know how much of a fan I am of the little Hungarian spinner, Cayenne! I have picture and video galleries of Cayenne from almost every porn site that she has been on. And Cayenne has also been a busy little internet model. She can be found on,, and now also on, being seduced by none other than the hot Sophie Moone herself.

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The very hot Cayenne(what an appropriate name for this Hungarian babe) with her skirt up to her waist, her panties pulled aside and Sophie Moone bent over with her tongue deep inside Cayenne’s shaved pussy. What is wrong with this picture? Nothing! Well, except for the fact that I should be behind Sophie Moone, spreading her ass and licking that beautiful ass and pussy of hers!

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Boroka Opens Her Wet Pussy and Dildos Herself

This blonde hottie looks like a fashion model. An adorable, innocent face, slim body, straight long blonde hair, she would not look out of place on the runway. But, we are lucky to have Boroka spreading her delicious, wet, pink, shaved pussy for us here. Now this photo shoot is from The “ALS” part of the name stands for “All Ladies Shaved“. So, ever girl on Alsscan is completely clean shaven like Boroka here. Also, every girl is 100% natural, i.e no fake breasts. They must have natural breasts if they want to be featured on

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Boroka opens her pink pussy and shoves a dildo in her pussy

Here she is squatting down and spreading both her pussy lips wide open to give us an intimate glimpse of her shaven, pink pussy and wide open pussy hole. The more explicit pictures on show a detailed view of every inch of her wet, pussy. Don’t miss her big, swollen clit that looks so delicious and ready to be sucked on. does a great job of providing us a real, up close and personal view of Boroka’s beautiful suckable pussy. Being the naughty girl that she is, Boroka even attempts some pussy fisting.

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Beautiful Cayenne Spreads Her Pink, Shaved Pussy Wide Open

You guys know what a sucker I am for the slim, Hungarian blonde hottie who goes by the name of Cayenne. I know some of you guys might find her a little slim for your liking. But, I just love that petite, little body of hers, with small, natural breasts and her beautiful, slim butt that I could spend hours licking. The very first place I saw Cayenne was on a site called This was a couple of years ago, they had two photo sets of her that left absolutely nothing to the imagination. There were extreme close ups of wide open wet pussy and beautiful, tight little butthole. I was smitten. And actually, this picture is from that first photo set of Cayenne’s that I got so excited about..

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Cayenne spreads open her wet shaved pussy

I absolutely adore her beautiful, pink, shaved pussy. The pictures in this photo set of hers are so clear and detailed, in many instances you get a clear view of a couple of inches right INSIDE her pussy. I can just imagine myself filling that wide open pussy hole of hers..

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Slim Czech Beauty Shows Off Her Wet Shaved Smooth Pussy Lips

Now, this really has to be considered art, not porn. The perfectly shaved pussy, clean and smooth pussy lips, pink asshole all photographed like an artistic object by none other than Peter Hegre at Now, of course, Hegre-Art is considered to be at the top of the “artistic nudes” genre. Sometimes, I find myself disappointed with the whole “artistic nude” category of sites. They try to do the soft focus and lighting, but take away from the raunchiness of porn. There is no mistaking the raunchiness and raw sex that is presented by this collection. You can literally see the girl’s pussy juices on her thigh, if you look closely. She is turned on by this photo shoot.
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Yanna Czech Blonde shaved pussy

Yanna is a 22 year old blonde from the Czech Republic. Her slim, model body and facial features betray her slavic blackground. Yanna is one of numerous east european models from A lot of these girls have the looks to be runway models and it wouldn’t surprise if many of them do indeed work the runways of Milan, when not modeling for The reputation of Hegre is such that it is considered the “Porsche of porn sites”.

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Hot Brunnette with Large Pussy Lips Spreads Open In Public

The last model, Andie from got me in the mood for girls with big, meaty, suckable pussy lips. So, I went on the look out for more models that displayed their large shaved labia for our pleasure. That is when I came across Nicole from I haven’t posted anything from this site before, but I intend to correct that. only features female models. There are no guys, no fucking or sucking, no hardcore sex. Now, some of you might go.. YAWN, how boring. Now, to be honest, sure sometimes I am in the mood to see a cute teen having her pussy pounded hard. But, personally, I much rather not see any dicks in my porn. I have a dick, if I want to look at one. I think that is enough! though is not a timid site. The girl models that they feature engage in a lot of lesbian sex with mutual fingering, licking and sucking. The girls also spread their pussies wide open and masturbate to orgasm with finger, dildos and all sorts of other funky objects. As if that is not enough, a lot of this masturbation is public masturbation and exhibhitionism.

Take our model Nicole here. In this photoshoot, she is outside in nothing but a black dress. She seems to have forgotten to wear her bra or her panties. Not that anyone is complaining. She sits down, opens her legs and spreads her shaved pussy wide open in public! Now, that is some daring stuff!

Brunette spreds shaved pussy in public

And of course let us not miss those beautiful, tasty, juicy, protruding pussy lips. Yummy.

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Teen Cayenne Double Dildoing Herself

OK, I know I had said that I don’t want to make this into a fan site for the lovely Hungarian spinner Cayenne. But, well, I saw this set of her and I am sure you will agree that she looks absolutely irresistible. It is hard to ignore Cayenne’s innocent sexuality.

This shot of her really says it all. She looks like the adorable 18 year old teen that she is, with her dress lifted up, her thong panties down around her thighs as she looks longingly at the camera and opens up her beautiful ass cheeks showing us her lovely lickable pink asshole and slightly open juicy little pussy. I would be tonguing that ass and pussy of hers in long strokes, all the way from her cute asshole to her hard little clit.

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Cayenne dildos her teen pussy

But, what really takes this set over the top for me is the sight of Cayenne with two dildo which she uses on herself to fill her pussy and strectch her holes wide open for us to see. Absolutely beautiful. Don’t miss Cayenne with two dildos HERE.

Slim Teen Rides Shaved Blonde’s Strap On Dildo

When I first started this blog, I had said that I would not posting any pictures of dicks, but I never mentioned anything about surrogate dicks, which in this case happens to be a strap on dildo.

This lesbian scene is from the site I don’t know who “Mutt” is, but I am guessing the mutt here is the photographer. The site mascot btw is a cute little mutt. Talking about mutts, I had to take mine to the vet today for an ear infection. One hour later, I came out with a bill of $200! That is more than how much it cost me to get the dog in the first place. Anyway, back to Little Mutt. If I were to describe this site, the best word I could use is “real”. The girls look real and natural. The settings and imagery are also very real, accessible and believable. There is not a lot of flash here. It is a lot of fresh looking girls in high quality pictures and video.

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Shaved brunette rides blonde wearing strap on dildo

Here Melisande(darker hair girl), the little spinner with a delicate, slim body is using her hand to insert and guide the strap on dildo worn by Aubrey Banks deep into her wet pussy. She rides the dildo and then proceeds to sit on the blonde’s face, as she spreads open Melisande large, prominent lips and sucks on her pussy. The blonde herself has a pretty, shaved pussy as we can see in this close up picture.

Hot Cayenne Pulls See Though Panties Aside and Fingers Her Wet Pink Pussy

Isn’t “cayenne” a type of fiery, hot pepper? Our Cayenne here is definitely one hot pepper that is burning up my computer screen. I thought Hungary was better known for Paprika, a sweeter, mellower pepper. But, this hot blonde babe, Cayenne is no such thing. I first introduced her on this blog in one very hot lesbian scene from, with Cayenne and her girlfriend engaged is some mind blowing oral sex, fingering and ass licking.

Here is Cayenne in a solo scene from, a guy who has been in the porn business for many years, even before the advent of the internet. He knows how to photograph hot women and bring out their raw sexuality.

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Cayenne spreads her pink pussy in wet see through panties

She looks very glamorous here. And that is what Ron Harris does best. But, don’t mistake the glamour for a tame, photo shoot. As you can see in the picture, she is wearing see through, white thong panties. The crotch of her panties is soaking with her pussy juices. Her panties are pulled aside exposing her delicious, pink shaved pussy lips and she has one finger deep inside her pussy. The look on her face is of a girl who is about to some real ecstasy. Cayenne looks gorgeous in this photo shoot. You get to see some real close ups of her glistening pink pussy lips, all wet and covered with her pussy juice.

Naked Russian “Supermodels”

The idea behind is to get a number of Russian “supermodels” together, put them in an apartment in Moscow and then photograph them as they go about their daily lives. You see them watching tv, laying in bed, talking on the phone, kissing and playing with each other, in the bathroom etc. Of course, all this happens with these models naked or in various states of undress in their bra and panties, lingerie and less. Apparently these girls are chosen from model agencies across Russia and countries in the region. Oh and across the Atlantic, an apartment is usually called a “flat” in English, which is where the name of the website comes from.

Now, I am not sure if these girls are really “supermodels”. But, even if these girls are not “supermodels” like Adriana Lima or Heidi Klum, they do have the supermodel look and I wouldn’t be surprised if many of these girls are indeed fashion models on runways across Europe.

Click the picture for more

This is Tanya, one of the young, teen models that lives in the “flat”. She has blonde hair, large expressive, blue eyes that you could positively get lost in and large full lips. And I do love her breasts. I think they are a good size, they can easily fit in the palm of your hand and they are all natural, topped with the prettiest pink nipples that I am sure love to be sucked. Tanya does have the delicate, waif like body and features that one would expect from a model.

HERE is the complete picture gallery of Tanya naked in nature.

Teen Model with Hairy Bush on Beach

It is another freezing day. What happened to spring? Winter has decided to be stubborn and refuses to go away without one last hurrah. I thought I would cheer myself up with this sunny picture that evokes the coming summer. This beautiful, young girl seems to be enjoying her summer vacation. If I were to guess these pictures were probably taken on a beach somewhere in Europe.

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This is what erotic nude photography is all about. Petter Hegre from is one of the masters of the art. He travels the word in search of stunning models. A look at his travelogue on Hegre-Art chronicles his travels from Bueno Aires to Prague, photographing beautiful women, the results of which we see here.

I can’t but help be drawn to that beautiful, hairy pussy of this model. It stands out because it is so uncommon. Most models have their pussy clean shaven. But, from this picture, it seems that not only does she have a hairy bush, but she has left it mostly natural and not trimmed it at all. I find the natural look of her pussy quite a refreshing change.