Blonde and Brunette Barely Legal Teens With Shaved Pussies and Firm Breasts

Is there anything better than a slim, tight, toned, barely legal teen hottie with an innocent looking face, perfect natural breasts topped with pink suckables nipples and a wet, shaved pussy mound? Yes, there is. TWO adorable barely legal babes! And if they are kissing and making out and enjoying each other’s smooth, tanned, lean, firm bodies, then that is even better! Just like those two gorgeous teen girls from Met-Art seem to be doing. One is Antea, the other is Jenni, I don’t know which one is which to be honest. But, what I do know is that the blonde on the right looks like that adorable cheerleader that we all fantasize about, with perfect, teen breasts. The one on the left makes me weak just by the way she has her legs spread open displaying her beautiful shaved pussy, with those delicious looking prominent, suckable pussy lips. I could suck on that pussy for hours.

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Iveta B – One of the Most Beautiful Erotic Models Around

It is official, I am in love with Iveta B of Met-Art. I think she is one of the most beautiful, natural looking models on the internet today. She is so damn sexy in this, “I want to take her home and make dinner for her kind of way.” Don’t get wrong, she makes my dick hard and I want to fuck her senseless. But, I want to fuck her in a “I want you to have my babies, kind of way”, not in a “I want to fuck you up the ass and never see you again way”. Makes sense? LOL. Just look at her, she is adorable and perfect in every way. Her beautiful eyes, those full red lips that would feel awesome wrapped around my hard cock, her perfect breasts and suckable nipples. And last but not least, what you don’t see in that picture, but her perfect, round ass that I could bury my face in.

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Ruslana B of Met-Art’s Open, Shaved, Wet, Pink Pussy Close Up

I could eat pussy all day. But, once in a while you see a pussy that looks absolutely mouth watering and delicious. This beautiful, shaved, wet pink pussy from Met-Art is just such a pussy. It looks so inviting, as she just lays there with her legs spread open, the inner folds of her juicy, pink pussy just visible to our view. If you like fleshy pussies, with prominent suckable labia, or what you and I call pussy lips, this gorgeous pussy is for you. Her pussy lips are just begging to be sucked into your mouth. That is a close up of one very pretty pussy.

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Beautiful Brunette Valeria from Met Art’s Juicy Shaved Pussy Lips

Shaved Pussy, Met Art Valeria, Big Pussy Lips, Open Legs Pussy

For you guys that love beautiful pink, fleshy, shaved pussies, and let us face it, who doesn’t, I bring you the very sexy brunette Valeria from none other but the masters of erotic art photography, Valeria has the type of big, juicy fleshy pussy lips that were just made to be chewed and sucked on. Of course, that big, shaved pussy is not the only thing that makes Valeria such a stunner. She has a perfect round butt and cute lickable pink, butthole. And how can forget those perfect, natural, breasts topped with pink suckable nipples. I have said it before and I will say it again, I don’t know how Met-Art gets these girls with fashion model looks to get naked and spread their shaved pussies wide open for us. Hey, I am not complaining, but I am constantly amazed when I see girls that could easily be on the catwalks of London or Paris, photographed in initmated detail.

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A Place Called Heaven aka “Wet, Shaved, Open, Teen Pussy”

I love licking pussy. A clean, wet, shaved pussy is one of the sweetest, most delicious things in the world. If you love pussy as much as I do, then looking at a picture of soft, wet, shaved pussy like this one is enough to make your mouth water. I have to say, this picture is one of the best closeups of shaved, wet pussy I have seen in a long time. That is one very sweet looking pussy, from the shaved, glistening wet lips to the slightly open, wet pussy hole, just waiting to be penetrated by my tongue. And don’t miss the tight, pink, lickable asshole.

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Shaved, Wet, Open, Pink Teen Pussy

In fact, if you like close up, erotic, artistic, high definition pictures of teen pussy, Errotica-Archives does it better than most porn websites out there. They exclusively use East European models(we know how hot they are) and shoot them in high definition for some of the clearest, up close pussy shots you can find.

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Met-Art Carina’s Summer Shaved Beach Pussy

Summer is well and truly and the temperatures are sizzling. The big July 4th weekend in the USA is just around the corner and Canadians are getting ready to celebrate Canada day. Families are getting into their cars and heading to the beach or the cottage, firing up their barbeques. And the Europeans? I think they spend all summer on the beach anyway, those lucky bastards! Ibiza, Mykonos, Nice, what is the party hotspot this year? Maybe Carina from Met-Art knows. Carina, here seems to be on a European beach somewhere,  spreading her legs and showing her beautiful, shaved teen pussy.

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Met Art Carina Shaved Teen Beach Pussy

When I head out this holiday weekend, I am going to have to scour the beach looking from some shaved pussy, much more interesting than seashells and funny shaped rocks.

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Met Art Model Irina Spreads Open Her Ass And Shaved Pussy

This has to be one of my favourite positions in the world. The girl bent over, with one leg lifted up and slightly spread. When a girl spreads herself open like that, this is the kind of view she gives the world. Her ass cheeks spread open to reveal a pretty pink asshole and a nice rear view of shaved pussy lips, slightly open. This position just screams out, “come and bury your face my ass, lick me, and stick your tongue deep inside my ass and pussy hole!”. You guys don’t hear her saying that? Hmmm.. funny, cos I hear it loud and clear!

Met Art Teen Model Irina shaved pussy

The lovely Irina is from none other than Met-Art, one of the leaders in fine art and nude art, erotic photography. By the way, the resolution of this picture has been reduced considerably.  The actual photograpy is huge 3000 pixels of erotica! That ass and pussy is so clear, you can see every fold of her teen pussy.

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Katja A Most Erotic Teen Model With A Pink Pussy

I think I am on a roll here, since I found another teen babe from the folks over at Met-art that has the nice, suckable, shaved pink pussy lips that I seem to be hooked on these days. She is actually from a site called MetModels and is part of the same artistic nude photography genre that Met-Art is so famous for. Her name is Katja and she is spreading her legs open to show us her beautiful pussy. I love Katja’s. Her lips look so smooth, I love it when they are clean shaven. Her clit is visible. I am sure a few lick of her clit are all that are needed to make it nice and prominent. That is one pussy that I would love to suck into my mouth in it’s entirety. Katja also has a pair of wonderful natural breasts and prominent big areola. All in all, this is a very sexy, sensual and erotic teen.

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MetModel Katja's Pink Shaved Pussy

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Young Met Art Model With Natural Breasts and Big Labia

I have been on this search for girls with big, prominent pussy lips that stick out. You know the ones that make a nice mound inside the panties and when you pull the panties off, there they are, big, suckable labia. So, when I am surfing the net, I am always on the lookout for young, teen models that fit my criteria of big, shaved lips. I found this one today, she goes by the name of Masha and she is from Met-Art. This site is another one in the genre of “artistic porn” or “artistic nudes“. Very similar to Hegre-Art. Now, as you might there is quite a bit of controversy and competition between these sites, with each one claiming to be the “leader” and pioneer in the art porn genre. Personally, I love both of them. Isn’t it great to have a choice?!

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Met Art Model Masha with shaved pussy and natural breasts

BTW, don’t miss the other set of lips on this beauty. The lips of her mouth. They are big, full and look like the perfect lips for sucking cock. Isn’t that what she is saying with that sultry look? Pouty, slighty open lips + sultry eyes = I want to suck your cock!

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Long Haired Brunette with Beautiful Natural Breasts

For those of you that share my appreciation for sultry brunettes with long, dark hair, this is Tiffany. And yes, there are pictures of her completely nude and she does have a beautiful, delicious looking, shaved pussy with a short stip of pubic hair just above her mound. But, this picture of her in black panties is my favourite.

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Tiffany is one of the models from the site  This site specializes in high resolution pictures(up to 4000 pixels) and HDV(High Definition Video). For you non-techies what this means is that you get to see a babe like Tiffany really up close and personal with stunning clarity.

Those breasts of hers look completely natural and quite perfect. I am not a fan of those large, balloon shaped fake breasts at all. I know some guys don’t care if they are fake, as long as they are big! Sorry, but I like my girls real! I think that is one of the other reasons for my attraction to East European girls, the vast majority of them maintain that natural look.

So, does Tiffany have the look to be the next Salma Hayek or Penelope Cruz? I have no idea where Tiffany is from, but she does have a very Spanish or Southern European look to her.

Anyway, enough of my rambling, check out Tiffany in all her naked glory HERE.