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We have had a few posts about shaved teen pussies and I have put up some close up pussy pictures that would even make a gynaecologist blush. Let us change the subject a little bit and talk about one of my other favourite topics, LESBIANS! I love a good hard core, pussy grinding, clit sucking, dildo stuffing teen lesbian scene. But, what I love even more is lesbian ass licking! There is just something about watching a couple of teen beauties spreading their perfect ass cheeks wide open and licking each other’s pink buttholes.

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One of my favourite sites for really high definition close up lesbian ass licking action has to be These people know their ass cracks and they really know how to get up close to the action. If you wanted to examine a hot girl’s ass crack getting licked really up close, you have to check out inthecrack. The camera work is flawless, the pictures are clear, up close and almost life size. Other than being there in person, you really can’t get much closer to the action.

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Three Young Lesbians from SapphicErotica Finger and Lick Each Other’s Pussies

I am going to be really predictable here and go with another lesbian sex scene from SapphicErotica. Yes, I know some of you might find this a little boring, if you are GAY! After all, what normal guy what turn down another scene with tight, young, teen lesbians fingering each other’s tight, teen pussies and licking on each other’s sweet pink assholes? OK, I can see how watching two, young lesbian babes sucking each other’s swollen, pink clits can get a little boring after a while. So, what do you say to three lesbians engaged in some mind blowing lesbian sex? These two blondes and one brunette and are some of the hottest girls I have seen in a lesbian sex scene, ever. Trust SapphicErotica to bring these delicious teen lesbians to us for some great, pussy fingering and clit sucking action.

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These three lesbian hotties go by the names Briget, Britta and Geena. I am quite sure Geena is the brunette and then of course that leaves Briget and Britta as the blonde lesbians. As to which one is which, I will leave that up to you to figure out.

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Brunette Lesbian Babes Lick Each Other’s Tight Asses

As you may have gathered from my earlier postings, I have a bit of an obsession with lesbian ass licking. There are few things I find more exciting than watching a slim, young babe with her tongue deep inside her lesbian girlfriend’s tight asshole. Sure, some other things come close, for example, two teen babes fingering each other’s shaved wet slits or even two hot girls in a sixty nine as they lick each other’s clean, shaved pussies and suck on each other’s clits. But, to me, watching a hot girl tongue another babe’s cute butt really does it for me. When it comes to firm, tight, clean shaven girls attacking each other’s pussies in hot, lesbian action, few sites do it better than SapphicErotica. These guys understand the lesbian niche. The girls are achingly beautiful, young and slim. The action is hot and nasty. What more could you ask for in your lesbian porn?

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See more of these beautiful brunettes as they play with each other’s shaved pussies, and hard clits.

Shaved Teen Lesbians Finger Each Other’s Asses

Damn, I love watching hot, young, teen lesbians going at it with each other, fingering each other’s tight pussies, licking their sweet, shaved pussy lips and giving each other mind blowing orgasms. Now, when I lick a girl’s pussy, I love to stick a finger in her tight asshole and finger her butt while I eat her out. So, this picture of two teen lesbians, one with three fingers in her pussy and another finger in her ass is a work of beauty.

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These two shaved blondes are from none other than SapphicErotica, a site that has got lesbian porn down to a fine art. If you love watching teen lesbians engaging in some mind blowing lesbian sex, SapphicErotica is a must. The lesbian pictures are clear and high definition. The movies are also very high quality. None of that tiny 320 pixel stuff. These lesbian movies bring the lesbian sex up close and personal.

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Sophie Moone Gets Fucked With A Strap On Dildo

If you have been following my blog for a while, you will know that I have a thing for Sophie Moone. Is it healthy to harbour fantasies about spending the rest of your life with a Hungarian pornstar with a fabulous ass and gorgeous face, but one who licks pussy and gets her pussy dildo fucked by a string of hot, East European pornstar models? I say, hell yeah! I have raved about Sophie Moone’s stunning face and perfect round bottom before, but what I am noticing is that the action on her website seems to getting nastier and nastier. In one mind blowing scene she has a hot blonde shoving three fingers up her tight asshole, while a stunning brunette has a few more fingers up her tight pussy. Then there is this hardcore scene, that blew me away. Sophie Moone getting fucked with a huge black strap-on dildo!

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Watching Sophie Moone ride her lesbian friend cowgirl as she jams that strap on dildo deep in her sweet, wet pussy was quite a treat. But, the action gets HOTTER, believe it or not, when Sophie Moone straps on the dildo and fucks her brunette, lesbian friend deep in her pussy! Of course, the scene contains everything else that we have come to expect, such as pussy licking and of course ass fingering and ass licking!

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Sophie Moone And Cayenne Licking Pussy In Hardcore Lesbian Sex

I have written about the stunning Hungarian model Sophie Moone before. I noticed her way back when she was just a wee 18 yr old. That must have been way back in 2001 when Sophie Moone first burst on to the internet modeling scene. She was everywhere and to this day remains one of the hottest internet models around. Sophie Moone’s own site, is a testament to this blonde, hungarian bombshell’s continuing popularity. Every time, I check out Sophie Moone’s site, the content seems to be hotter than before. I am pleased to report that Sophie Moone has become quite the lesbian seductress. In her latest scenes, Sophie Moone seduces hot, young, lesbian teens into having hardcore lesbian sex with her! OK, but it doesn’t stop there. If you are a regular reader of my blog, you know how much of a fan I am of the little Hungarian spinner, Cayenne! I have picture and video galleries of Cayenne from almost every porn site that she has been on. And Cayenne has also been a busy little internet model. She can be found on,, and now also on, being seduced by none other than the hot Sophie Moone herself.

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The very hot Cayenne(what an appropriate name for this Hungarian babe) with her skirt up to her waist, her panties pulled aside and Sophie Moone bent over with her tongue deep inside Cayenne’s shaved pussy. What is wrong with this picture? Nothing! Well, except for the fact that I should be behind Sophie Moone, spreading her ass and licking that beautiful ass and pussy of hers!

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Peaches Fingers Lesbian Blonde Teen’s Tight Teen Asshole

After watching that hot Nella and Carli scene from that I just posted has got me in the mood for lesbians playing with each other’s asses! You guys MUST have heard of a site called, in fact, I have posted some of their lesbian picture galleries right here on The great thing about SapphicErotica is that they specialize in teen lesbians. In fact, that is all they do. Their site is packed only with tight teens licking each other’s shaved pussies, using dildos and each other and of course pussy fingering and ass licking. As you can imagine, with that much hardcore lesbian content, there is a lot to choose from. But, I saw this one lesbian set, that I absolutely loved. It features Peaches and an unnamed blonde. What do I like about this set? Well take a look at this picture for starters:

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That is Peaches with her finger deep in her friends tight asshole with a stream of saliva from her lips to her blonde friend’s cute, hot asshole!

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Nella And Carli Lesbian Ass Licking

Any one that is a frequent visitor to knows that we absolutely love lesbians! What is there not to like? You are getting two wet pussies for the price of one. And we are likely that there are lots of websites out there that share our enthusiasm for tight, young lesbian lovers. Now, there is another thing that I do enjoy watching quite a bit. You can call it my nasty, little fetish if you may, and that thing is lesbian ass licking! I really enjoy watching a couple of cute, young lesbian teens spreading each others tight asses and licking out each others assholes! We all know, Nella, I have posted quite a bit of her stuff here already. And Carli Banks is another popular internet model that has the hot, innocent look that gives me insant wood. So, imagine my delight when I see Nella AND Carli Banks TOGETHER in a hot, lesbian session. Watching them lick each others wet, pink pussies out is hard enough, but THIS picture absolutely does it for me!

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Damn, I love the way Nella has Carli Banks tight ass spread open and she has the tip of her tongue INSIDE Carli’s delicious little butthole. Now, THAT is hot!

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Teens Rub Their Shaved Pussies Together In Lesbian Sex Action

Here is something for you guys to jerk off to for the weekend. This has to be one of the hottest lesbian scenes I have seen in a while. I have always liked Alsscan for their high resolution, close up pictures of shaved, teen pussies. But, I have to say, they have really outdone themselves with this photo. Take a look.

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That is Nadia Taylor and Paris Parker, friends from high school. Two wet pussies spread open with their shaved lips rubbing against each other and a hard pink clit clearly visible. I look at that picture and I almost feel like I am right there watching these two hot little teens rubbing their pussies, pulling each others pussy lips wide open and playing with a double headed dildo.

By the way, has anybody been lucky enough to have a bisexual girlfriend? Would that not be the ideal? Going out and picking up girls with your bisexual girlfriend and watching as she had lesbian sex with them and ideally joining in as long as she doesn’t get too jealous watching you with another girl.

Anyway, let us Watch as these Two Teens Show Us How Much They Love Licking Each Other’s Pussies.

Party Girls Have Lesbian Sex

It has been a while since I have posted about lesbian sex. Well, to make up for it, I found a real treat for you guys. What do you think about a lesbian movie with a hot blonde and a hot brunette pulling each others thongs aside, licking their pink, shaved pussy lips, using a dildo on their wet pussy holes and fucking each othe with a double headed dildo?!

These two cuties look like those party girls you see in the club on the dance floor. You know the ones, making out, feeling one another up on the dance floor as all the guys stand around the dance floor holding their dicks and watching the show. Well, THIS is what happens when those two party girls get home after a night out.

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Party girls have lesbian sex

I love the way she has her blonde friend ass wide open, her thong pulled aside and she is getting right in there, licking her friend’s shaved pussy and obviously loving every minute of it!

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