Slim Czech Beauty Shows Off Her Wet Shaved Smooth Pussy Lips

Now, this really has to be considered art, not porn. The perfectly shaved pussy, clean and smooth pussy lips, pink asshole all photographed like an artistic object by none other than Peter Hegre at Now, of course, Hegre-Art is considered to be at the top of the “artistic nudes” genre. Sometimes, I find myself disappointed with the whole “artistic nude” category of sites. They try to do the soft focus and lighting, but take away from the raunchiness of porn. There is no mistaking the raunchiness and raw sex that is presented by this collection. You can literally see the girl’s pussy juices on her thigh, if you look closely. She is turned on by this photo shoot.
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Yanna Czech Blonde shaved pussy

Yanna is a 22 year old blonde from the Czech Republic. Her slim, model body and facial features betray her slavic blackground. Yanna is one of numerous east european models from A lot of these girls have the looks to be runway models and it wouldn’t surprise if many of them do indeed work the runways of Milan, when not modeling for The reputation of Hegre is such that it is considered the “Porsche of porn sites”.

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Tanned Brunette Babe with Shaved Pussy Lays Naked in Bed

Is there a best time to have sex? Or is anytime a good time for sex? As long as you can get it, why say no?! But, I do think that I prefer mornings as a good time for sex. Often times I will wake up early in the morning, pretty horny. After a good night’s sleep, I am well rested and ready to go! Can you imagine if this hot, brunette babe was laying snuggled next to you. Maybe she is sleeping naked, next to you with that beautiful round ass of hers pressed against you.

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Naked Brunette with round firm ass on bed

I think the hardest part for me would be knowing where to start. You have this absolutely stunning brunette babe in your bed. Her naked, tanned body presented to you in all it’s glory. Her legs are slightly spread and you can see her delicious, shaved pussy lips. Her ass is nice and firm, with beautiful, round ass cheeks and a pretty, pink, clean butthole. Where to begin? Parting those beautiful ass cheeks and licking her ass? Or sucking on those tasty looking, shaved pussy lips? Decisions, decisions.. I hope all of us have to make those one day.

But, in the meantime, we can admire Katka, from, one of the leaders in erotic photography on the the web.

Brazilian Brunette Babe with Firm Tanned Ass

Yesterday I was lamenting about how Anetta Keys had decided to cut her long, dark hair. But, that got me looking for some long, dark haired beauties. The type that makes you notice them instantly when you see them on the street. When it comes to exotic, tanned, dark haired beauties, one could do a lot worse than Brazil. That is where Keity is from, the object of this stunning photo essay from the leaders in erotic photography at

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Looking at the way that fine, round, firm and tanned ass looks in a thong, I would have little doubt believing that she in indeed Brazilian. Keity is one hot babe. From what I have heard, apparently the thong originated in Brazil on the beaches of Ipanema. So, it is no wonder that there are few women in the world that look better in a thong than the Brazilians. I can only guess that it is the exotic cocktail of African, Portugese and Northern European roots that has resulted in such a perfect female form.

Teen Model with Hairy Bush on Beach

It is another freezing day. What happened to spring? Winter has decided to be stubborn and refuses to go away without one last hurrah. I thought I would cheer myself up with this sunny picture that evokes the coming summer. This beautiful, young girl seems to be enjoying her summer vacation. If I were to guess these pictures were probably taken on a beach somewhere in Europe.

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This is what erotic nude photography is all about. Petter Hegre from is one of the masters of the art. He travels the word in search of stunning models. A look at his travelogue on Hegre-Art chronicles his travels from Bueno Aires to Prague, photographing beautiful women, the results of which we see here.

I can’t but help be drawn to that beautiful, hairy pussy of this model. It stands out because it is so uncommon. Most models have their pussy clean shaven. But, from this picture, it seems that not only does she have a hairy bush, but she has left it mostly natural and not trimmed it at all. I find the natural look of her pussy quite a refreshing change.

Paris Hilton Naked in Jungle

OK, not really, but does anybody else see a similarity between this model Lezhan from and Paris Hilton? Ok, to be fair there are a few differences. Lezhan is ACTUALLY attractive! Now, if I had to take my pick between Paris Hilton and Lezhan, my choice would NOT be Paris. Unlike Paris, Lezhan has probably not slept with half of Hollywood.

Then there are those sex tapes. I have already seen Paris having sex with Rick Salomon. I am sorry but that is a deal breaker for me. Whatever your girlfriend’s past, you always try to block it out and in your head imagine that you are the only one she has ever had sex with. Having seen Paris have sex on tape, I am ruined for a relationship with Paris. Every time I move up to kiss her, I will imagine Rick Salomon’s dick in her mouth. Call me old fashioned, but I don’t think that makes for a healthy relationship. Now, Nicky Hilton is another story, she is a hottie! Nicky darling, if you are reading this, Call Me!

Where was I anyway? Oh yes, Lezhana with her long blonde hair, piercing eyes, slim body and tiny breasts( I love them, don’t get implants).

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