Brook Big Boobs Blonde Teen from TittyCrew

Lovers of big boobies everywhere, rejoice. There is a new site in town. It is called The boobs on this site can be described in two words, BIG and NATURAL. Only natural breasts make it on to this site. And they just can’t be natural, they have to be big too, DD and bigger. Take Brook for example, this naughty, blonde teen with her big, natural titties is what this site is all about. I just have one question though, they say that their job is to scour the land for biggest, natural boobs they can find. That is fine, but do they actually think this is a JOB?! Travelling all over the country and staring at girls’ chests to determine if they are big enough for the site and then having them take of their bras and tops to photograph them is a job?! Some people would call that a dream!

Big Boobed Blonde Teen Shows off Her Large Titties

Big Boobed Blonde Teen Shows off Her Large Titties

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Cikita the Busty Blonde on the Beach

And here is one more for you big boob lovers. Wow, I have been talking quite a lot about breasts recently, from small teen breasts that you could fit into your mouth to these large puppies that look like they would barely fit into a bra, let alone your mouth or anything. Am I becoming a boob man? I don’t know. For the longest time I have been an ass man. I would always go for the round asses over a pair of boobs. But, lately I seem to be noticing boobs a lot more, whether they be the small and firm teen boobs or the large, pendulous breasts that I have posted about over the last few days. Cikita here has a beautiful pair of large, natural breasts. It is rare to get such large, well shaped breasts naturally. When they are too large they begin to sag, but not this pair of breasts. They sit proud and firm on Cikita’s chest, staring us in the face, inviting us to bury our head in the cleavage. There is not too much wrong with these breasts. they are quite perfect. Well, one quibble about the nipples, one of them is an outtie, erect and waiting to be sucked and the other one is an innie. But, that is a small issues, overall these breasts are quite spectatular.

Big Boob Blonde on the Beach

Big Boob Blonde on the Beach

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Brunette Teen with Shaved Pink Pussy and Large Breasts

Here is another one for you lovers of large, beautiful breasts. But as is sometimes the case with large natural breasts, these breasts are not at all floppy or droopy. They are large, firm and beautifully shaped like large teardrops on her chest. They are topped with large areola and erect, suckable nipples. If you like bigger breasts, then these breasts are really quite phenomenal. If that is not enough, this curvy brunette has a round ass, a shaved pussy and pink pussy lips that she likes to spread open and fill with her rather large dildo.

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Teen with Large Breasts and Pink Nipples

Teen with Large Breasts and Pink Nipples

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Blonde and Brunette Barely Legal Teens With Shaved Pussies and Firm Breasts

Is there anything better than a slim, tight, toned, barely legal teen hottie with an innocent looking face, perfect natural breasts topped with pink suckables nipples and a wet, shaved pussy mound? Yes, there is. TWO adorable barely legal babes! And if they are kissing and making out and enjoying each other’s smooth, tanned, lean, firm bodies, then that is even better! Just like those two gorgeous teen girls from Met-Art seem to be doing. One is Antea, the other is Jenni, I don’t know which one is which to be honest. But, what I do know is that the blonde on the right looks like that adorable cheerleader that we all fantasize about, with perfect, teen breasts. The one on the left makes me weak just by the way she has her legs spread open displaying her beautiful shaved pussy, with those delicious looking prominent, suckable pussy lips. I could suck on that pussy for hours.

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Blonde Teen with Pink Nipples and Perfect Natural Breasts

You guys can thank me for this girl after you finish jerking off. Here is Leah from She has long blonde hair, full pouty lips, slim with a flat stomach and BIG, NATURAL BOOBS! Got that? Slim with big breasts! If you are a breast lover, you have to love this girl. In fact, you have to love this girl anyway. She is quite the stunner. Look at those full, natural breasts and oh those pink nipples. She has the most beautiful suckable pink nipples. If you can stop from touching yourself while looking at this picture, you are a stronger man than me. Where would I start with her? Slide my dick between those perfect breasts? Or have her wrap those pouty lips around my cock? Or just suck those nipples into my mouth? I don’t know, but I am having fun imagining each and every one of those scenarios.