Anita Pearl Masturbates Her Wet Pink Pussy


So there I was, minding my own business and doing my own thing and then I saw her. The woman of my dreams. It was love at first sight. From her long dark hair and perfectly formed breasts to her firm, round ass I was smitten. She had an innocence and girl like charm, yet she looked like a supermodel and could be walking the runways of Paris and Milan. I wanted to make this woman my wife. But, there is only one problem, she is a pornstar. She spreads her pussy open and masturbates for the camera. Now, I could possibly accept her career choices if she were to only do on camera masturbation and girl girl lesbian sex, kind of like Sophie Moone. But, I would have to draw the line with her having sex with men on camera, and she would REALLY have to stop with the anal sex. No wife of mine is going to have another man’s dick in her ass.

Let me introduce you to Anita Pearl from DDFBeauties, my future wife and mother of my children. But, if you meet her don’t say anything to her ok? We haven’t talked about the marriage part yet. I want it to be a surprise. Truth be told, she doesn’t even know I exist. But, I plan to change that very soon. Would you let a woman like that get away from you? Look how beautiful her pussy looks. She has a delicious looking, juicy, wet pussy that makes my mouth drool. And as that pussy close up will testify, she is not shy either. She loves having the camera film her as she puts that toy in her pussy. She has great taste lingerie and looks awesome in that matching black and white lace bra and panty set she is wearing. Now, if only I can teach her to make dinner, I can start planning our wedding.

Cikita the Busty Blonde on the Beach

And here is one more for you big boob lovers. Wow, I have been talking quite a lot about breasts recently, from small teen breasts that you could fit into your mouth to these large puppies that look like they would barely fit into a bra, let alone your mouth or anything. Am I becoming a boob man? I don’t know. For the longest time I have been an ass man. I would always go for the round asses over a pair of boobs. But, lately I seem to be noticing boobs a lot more, whether they be the small and firm teen boobs or the large, pendulous breasts that I have posted about over the last few days. Cikita here has a beautiful pair of large, natural breasts. It is rare to get such large, well shaped breasts naturally. When they are too large they begin to sag, but not this pair of breasts. They sit proud and firm on Cikita’s chest, staring us in the face, inviting us to bury our head in the cleavage. There is not too much wrong with these breasts. they are quite perfect. Well, one quibble about the nipples, one of them is an outtie, erect and waiting to be sucked and the other one is an innie. But, that is a small issues, overall these breasts are quite spectatular.

Big Boob Blonde on the Beach

Big Boob Blonde on the Beach

More of this Busty Blonde on the Beach HERE!

Jessica Alba’s Nipples Refuse to Quit

Jessica Alba’s erect nipples seem to have a mind of their own. Last year I had posted a picture on this blog of Jessica Alba’s breasts and erect nipples clearly visible like pointy erasers throught the fabric of her dress. I was surfing the web, looking for pictures of erect nipples through dresses and shirts and came across another beautiful picture of Jessica Alba’s perfect breasts and nipples clearly visible under her tight sweater.

Now isn’t that an adorable picture of Jessican Alba in a tight sweater with her nipples poking through? I love that Jessica Alba doesn’t seem to like to wear a bra. Her breasts are perfect, she doesn’t need one. And moreover, if she did decide to start wearing a bra, we would not be treated with such great shots of her erect nipples through her clothes.

Carli Banks Spread Her Ass and Wet, Shaved Pussy Wide Open

Ahh, Carli Banks, where have you been? I have missed you. In case you didnt know, I have a bit of a Carli Banks obsession. I have written about Carli Banks on this blog numerous times before. I think she is the perfect woman. I had compared her looks to Cameron Diaz, while I still think she kinda resembles Cameron Diaz, I thinkĀ  Carli is way hotter. Cameron is just looking a lot older now, not young and fresh the way she did in “There’s Something About Mary”. Here is Carli Banks spreading her perfect ass cheeks wide open and showing us her beautiful tight asshole and suckable, shaved, wet, pink pussy.

Carli Banks’ Beautiful Pussy and Ass and Perfect Breasts are HERE!

Katie Fey Shows Off Her Beautiful, Firm, Large Tits

I think I am going to continue on the theme that started yesterday with Carli Banks and again talk about a girl with spectacular, large breasts. Why am I doing this and not talking about “lesbian ass licking” like I love to do? Well, for starters it is my blog and I can talk about whatever I please. And these days, I seem to be in the mood for women with big, beautiful breasts. Besides, if you are looking for “lesbians licking ass”, I already have plenty of lesbian galleries on this blog, to keep you occupied for a long time. Don’t worry, I will get back to lesbians ass and pussy licking soon. In the meantime, let us get back to girls with large, firm perfect tits.

Katie Fey, Large Firm Breasts, Perfect Breasts, Nipples

Our entry today is none other than internet phenomenon Katie Fey. Now, if I were to sit down and build the perfect woman, she would look very much like Katie Fey. I want a woman with long, dark hair, smoldering dark eyes, firm, suckable breasts, a tight round ass and a stunning, beautiful face. Katie Fey ticks all those boxes! It is no wonder that Katie Fey has become one of the most popular internet models today. But, today we are talking about Katie Fey’s beautiful breasts. Take a moment to admire her wonderful orbs of flesh. Those beautiful tits and her pink areola with suckable nipples. Her breasts fall beautifully and stay firm on her chest.

Admire Katie Fey’s Big, Spectacular, Beautiful Breasts HERE!

Carli Banks’ Perfect Breasts and Hard, Suckable Pink Nipples

I thought I would take a break from writing about “lesbian ass licking” and “hardcore lesbian fucking” and write about Carli Banks perfect breasts instead. Carli Banks is another one of my favourite internet porn models and I have written about her before. She did a very hot lesbian scene with Guinevere. Carli has that explosive mix of sweet, fresh looks and a nasty, do anything in front of the camera attitude. Carli Banks is not a shy girl. She will have lesbian sex, masturbate in front of the camera, shove large dildos into her sweet shaved pussy, flash her pussy in public, in fact, she does pretty much anything except have hardcore boy-girl sex.

But, today it is about Carli Banks’ breasts. I have noticed her perfect breasts before. In fact, this Cameron Diaz look alike has, what I think a perfect body. I don’t know if her breasts are natural or fake, but they fall perfectly. If they are indeed fake, then the plastic surgeon who did her breasts must be an artist. Because, her breasts are near perfect.

Click Carli’s Breasts to See More
Carli Banks, Ron Harris, Perfect Breasts, Natural Breasts

This picture gallery from does a great job of highlighting Carli Banks perfect breasts. I have to admit, I am not a “breast man” as such. As long as the breasts are a handful and they are not sagging, I am happy. There is nothing worse than sagging breasts! I am more of an “ass man”, so that is what I first look at, a girl’s ass! And of course Carli Banks has a very nice ass as well. Did I mention that I think she has a perfect body?!

Enough of my blabbering. Check Out Carli Banks’ Perfect Breasts and Beautiful Pink Nipples HERE!

Nella And Carli Lesbian Ass Licking

Any one that is a frequent visitor to knows that we absolutely love lesbians! What is there not to like? You are getting two wet pussies for the price of one. And we are likely that there are lots of websites out there that share our enthusiasm for tight, young lesbian lovers. Now, there is another thing that I do enjoy watching quite a bit. You can call it my nasty, little fetish if you may, and that thing is lesbian ass licking! I really enjoy watching a couple of cute, young lesbian teens spreading each others tight asses and licking out each others assholes! We all know, Nella, I have posted quite a bit of her stuff here already. And Carli Banks is another popular internet model that has the hot, innocent look that gives me insant wood. So, imagine my delight when I see Nella AND Carli Banks TOGETHER in a hot, lesbian session. Watching them lick each others wet, pink pussies out is hard enough, but THIS picture absolutely does it for me!

Nella, Carli Banks, Lesbian Teens, Asslicking, Ass, Licking

Damn, I love the way Nella has Carli Banks tight ass spread open and she has the tip of her tongue INSIDE Carli’s delicious little butthole. Now, THAT is hot!

Watch Nella Lick Carli Banks Tight, Pink Asshole HERE!

Guinevere and Carli Finger and Lick Each Other’s Pussies

Looking at the picture you would be forgiven for wondering if this was Cameron Diaz in her early years. In fact, aren’t there some nude pictures of Cameron Diaz out there somewhere? But no, this isn’t Cameron. While the lighter haired girl could be mistaken for a younger, hotter Cameron Diaz, it is in fact the very lovely Carli Banks who is lucky enough to be fingering and licking Guinevere’s wet, pink pussy.

Looking at the quality of the photography, if you guessed that this set was from none other than, the king of erotica, you would be right on the money. You get some real nice closeups of their wet, open pussies being licked and fingered. The set starts off with both Carli and Guinevere in some beautiful white, see through bras and panties. As they start to finger each other their panties get wet with their juices. There are some great closeups of Carli’s round butt, with cheeks spread open showing her perfect lickable ass.

Click on the picture to see more fingering and pussy licking
Guinevere and Carli finger each other in lesbian sex

Guinevere and Carli Banks are two of my favourite models out there. Seeing both of them together fingering and licking each other’s pussies only makes it sweeter.

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