Jessica Alba’s Perfect Breasts And Hard, Erect Nipples

OK, I am tired of posting pictures of horny sluts with their pussies spread wide open. For a change I am going to post a picture of a hot girl with her clothes ON! Now, when it comes to hot women, they don’t get much hotter than Jessica Alba. She looks stunning with her clothes on, I can’t even begin to imagine Jessica Alba naked. Now, there seem be some rumours out there that Jessica Alba is dating 50 cent. I don’t know if they are true, but if they are, all I can say is “lucky bastard!” So, I am sorry guys, I don’t have any pictures of Jessica Alba’s naked pussy, BUT, I think I can give you guys SOMETHING that will help your imagine along.

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All I can say is, WOW! Damn, look at those absolutely perfect breasts. And of course, Jessica Alba’s erect nipples are hard to miss. Her nipples are sharp and erect and so clearly visible through her thin dress. Of course Jessica Alba is not wearing a bra. When she has beautiful firm breasts like that, why would she? Oh and moving down from her perfect breasts take a look at the way her dress is sticking to her crotch. I think we can pretty much see the outline of Jessica Alba’s pussy and her beautiful pussy mound.

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