Young Met Art Model With Natural Breasts and Big Labia

I have been on this search for girls with big, prominent pussy lips that stick out. You know the ones that make a nice mound inside the panties and when you pull the panties off, there they are, big, suckable labia. So, when I am surfing the net, I am always on the lookout for young, teen models that fit my criteria of big, shaved lips. I found this one today, she goes by the name of Masha and she is from Met-Art. This site is another one in the genre of “artistic porn” or “artistic nudes“. Very similar to Hegre-Art. Now, as you might there is quite a bit of controversy and competition between these sites, with each one claiming to be the “leader” and pioneer in the art porn genre. Personally, I love both of them. Isn’t it great to have a choice?!

Click on Masha to see more of her lipsĀ 

Met Art Model Masha with shaved pussy and natural breasts

BTW, don’t miss the other set of lips on this beauty. The lips of her mouth. They are big, full and look like the perfect lips for sucking cock. Isn’t that what she is saying with that sultry look? Pouty, slighty open lips + sultry eyes = I want to suck your cock!

Check out Masha’s beautiful lips(both of them) HERE!

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