New Yorkers Trade Sex for Rent

If any of you have lived in or visited New York, you will know that accomodation is not easy to come by and when you do find a place to stay it is not cheap.

The New York Daily News is reporting that enterprising bachelors who have a place of their own have seized upon the opportinty and are advertising free accomodation to women. But, yes there is a catch. Nothing in life is free. In return for a place to stay, the women are being asked to have sex with the men. The paper picked up on the trend after seeing numerous ads on Craigslist. The text of one of the ads reads, “All I am looking for is an attractive, playful, and submissive woman who is uninhibited to my proposal… substituting rent for sexual encounters.” And another man says, “Take Care of My Needs and Live Rent Free”, offers: “All you have to do is take care of all my urges, and I’ll let you live in a one-bedroom apartment I own rent free.” Wow, New York has such generous men!

My question though is, why would any man want to put up with a high maintenance New York woman 24/7? Isn’t that what hookers for? You pay them to go away. Just ask Charlie Sheen.

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