Naked Russian “Supermodels”

The idea behind is to get a number of Russian “supermodels” together, put them in an apartment in Moscow and then photograph them as they go about their daily lives. You see them watching tv, laying in bed, talking on the phone, kissing and playing with each other, in the bathroom etc. Of course, all this happens with these models naked or in various states of undress in their bra and panties, lingerie and less. Apparently these girls are chosen from model agencies across Russia and countries in the region. Oh and across the Atlantic, an apartment is usually called a “flat” in English, which is where the name of the website comes from.

Now, I am not sure if these girls are really “supermodels”. But, even if these girls are not “supermodels” like Adriana Lima or Heidi Klum, they do have the supermodel look and I wouldn’t be surprised if many of these girls are indeed fashion models on runways across Europe.

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This is Tanya, one of the young, teen models that lives in the “flat”. She has blonde hair, large expressive, blue eyes that you could positively get lost in and large full lips. And I do love her breasts. I think they are a good size, they can easily fit in the palm of your hand and they are all natural, topped with the prettiest pink nipples that I am sure love to be sucked. Tanya does have the delicate, waif like body and features that one would expect from a model.

HERE is the complete picture gallery of Tanya naked in nature.

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