Dutch Outdoor Orgies Getting Out of Control

Earlier today, I was browsing one of these news sites that always seem to have the quirkiest news stories. One that caught my eye was about the head of one of the national parks in Holland complaining about a growing trend of outdoor orgies. Maybe, I should have been born Dutch! Eric Droogh, who apparently is the head of Veluwe National Park goes on to say words to the effect that a national debate on wild sex parties in the countryside is essential! And here is a quote, “Outdoor sex is now commonly occurring in national parks and other public places. In some cases they just stopped beside the road in the picnic area or a meadow for the orgies.” So, let me get this right. People in Holland just routinely stop by the road for an orgy? While we look for highway signs point to the next  McDonald’s, the Dutch are looking for areas to have their next sex party. The term “service area” takes on a whole new meaning.

By the way, if you are thinking of visiting, one of the biggest holidays in the Dutch calendar is Queen’s Day. And it is actually coming up in a few weeks on April 30. So, if you have never been to Amsterdam, Queen’s Day is the time to go for some uninhibhited drunken fun. And if you are lucky, you just might catch a few orgies along the way.

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