Nella works Sophie Moone’s Ass with a Butt Plug

By any measure, Sophie Moone has one of the finest asses in the business. I have been drooling over that ass ever since I first saw her on the net a couple of years ago. She has that beautiful, firm and round ass that sits high and sticks out just the right amount! In fact, it is very much like a latina ass. Imagine that. A latina booty on a blonde, blue eyed Hungarian babe.

And then there is Nella. She is another one of those models who has become very popular recently. So, imagine my delight when I saw the two of them together in this mind blowing lesbian scene from Nella is a very lucky girl as she works Sophie Moone’s beautiful ass with a butt blug. If you are a Sophie Moone fan, you are not going to want to miss watching Sophie Moone’s asshole being stretched, licked, fingered and penetrated by the beautiful Nella!

Sophie Moone and Nella from

More of this great Sophie Moone and Nella lesbian scene HERE

Blonde Babe Cayenne Takes off her Pink Thong

OK, I don’t want to make this blog into a fan site for the wonderful Cayenne. But, she has the innocent, young girl sexuality that absolutely drives me wild. She looks so fresh, even when she has got all the glamour girl, porn star make up on. Somehow that innocence still seems to come through.

Take a look at this upskirt picture of Cayenne in a leopard print nightie from She has such a tiny, petite body, yet she has all the curves that you could need. That adorable ass of hers with a pink thong is a good preview of what is to come.

Alright, enough of my blabbering. Go HERE to see more of this stunning blonde babe Cayenne.  

New Yorkers Trade Sex for Rent

If any of you have lived in or visited New York, you will know that accomodation is not easy to come by and when you do find a place to stay it is not cheap.

The New York Daily News is reporting that enterprising bachelors who have a place of their own have seized upon the opportinty and are advertising free accomodation to women. But, yes there is a catch. Nothing in life is free. In return for a place to stay, the women are being asked to have sex with the men. The paper picked up on the trend after seeing numerous ads on Craigslist. The text of one of the ads reads, “All I am looking for is an attractive, playful, and submissive woman who is uninhibited to my proposal… substituting rent for sexual encounters.” And another man says, “Take Care of My Needs and Live Rent Free”, offers: “All you have to do is take care of all my urges, and I’ll let you live in a one-bedroom apartment I own rent free.” Wow, New York has such generous men!

My question though is, why would any man want to put up with a high maintenance New York woman 24/7? Isn’t that what hookers for? You pay them to go away. Just ask Charlie Sheen.

Gorgeous Mystery Blonde Bends Over to Show Ass and Shaved Pussy

Alrite guys, let us see how good you are. Without cheating, do you recognize which erotic model this pussy and ass belongs to? To help you guys along, I will give you some hints. I have posted this babe on the site before. It is a picture of her shaved pussy and ass as well, but not at the same angle as this one. Also, as you can see from the picture, she is a blonde.

Click picture for the answer
Marketa Belanhona blonde with delicious round ass and shaved pussy

Any ideas yet? You could click on every article I have posted on the blog and see if you can compare asses and pussies of all the models and come up with the right answer. Or you could just click on the picture or HERE, to see this blonde beauty naked.

One more hint, this blonde babe is incredibly hot.

Brunette Babe Katie Fey gets Naked

It’s Easter, what are you guys doing surfing porn sites?! I know I am going straight to hell for this stuff, but I am just trying to save your soul. The way I look at it though is, if I am going to hell anyway, I might as well have one heck of a time on my way there.

And what better girl to have a better time with than Katie Fey. Now, Katie Fey is another one of those internet phenomenons. For the longest time Katie teased us, starting off with non nude pictures, then showing us her spectacular breasts, which led to a flash of pussy. Now, Katie Fey has finally decided to shed all her clothes and let us examine her beautiful body in all it’s naked glory on her site What is so great about Katie Fey? Hmm.. other than her beautiful, dark long hair, angelic face, perfect natural breasts and tight round ass? Nothing. But, don’t take my word for it. A picture is worth a thousand words. But, this picture in itself should be worth thousands of hard ons!

Click the picture for more
Katie Fey takes off panties and gets naked

Looking at that picture, I can see what all the hype is about.

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Teen Blonde Shows Shaved Pink Pussy and Ass

I just had to post this picture because it happens to be one of my favourite views in the world! This beautiful clean shaven pussy and delicious ass belongs to an adorable teen blonde who goes by the name of Ivey. Not only does she have a sweet, suckable pussy and lickable ass, but she has the cutest little breasts that are topped with round, pink nipples, just waiting to be sucked into some lucky guy’s mouth.

Click the picture for more mouth watering pictures of that pussy
Closeup of shaved teen pussy and pretty asshole

Ivey is one of the models on, another website from the camera of Ron Harris. is all about adorable, young girls, barely legal teens in some very arousing, erotic scenes. Definitely a good site to fulfill some of those teen fantasies.

Bambi and Peaches Finger Sophie Moone’s Pussy and Ass

OK, this picture is just wrong on so many levels. Here we have the very beautiful Sophie Moone from, bent over and both her holes are stuffed full of fingers. There is Bambi, the blonde with two fingers in Sophie’s Moone asshole as she fingers Sophie’s world class ass and Peaches with three fingers deep inside Sophie Moone’s pussy.

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Sophie Moone getting her ass and pussy fingered by Bambi and Peaches

That is FIVE fingers stretching both Sophie Moone’s holes. What is wrong with this picture is that not ONE, not even one of those five fingers is mine. Come on girls, don’t be so selfish. Bambi, you know how lucky you are fingering Sophie Moone’s ass? Sophie Moone has one of the finest butts in the business. Where do I sign up to be able to put my fingers up Sophie Moone’s ass?! I think I need to move to Hungary.

Fine Ass Brunette from Met-Art says “Lick My Ass”

I was going through my babe blog and I realized that it has been a while since I posted any hotties from Now, that really is a shame because Met-Art is definitely one of the most celebrated and well known sites on the internet, having received accolades from magazines and publications as diverse as Playboy and FHM UK.
And when you have girls that look like this Czech brunette babe Denisa, their success really comes as no surprise.

Click her ass to see more of it
Brunette presents her perfect round ass and shaved pussy lips

Denisa has absolutely one of the finest asses I have seen. Moreover this brunette really knows how to show that ass. She bends over and sticks that round butt right into your face, as if to say, “here, lick it”. Well, at least that is what I hear! Parting those round ass cheeks of hers and burying my face in her ass crack would be enough to bring me one step closer to eternal pleasure. Can you imagine what that butt must look like in a pair of tight pants or tight denim jeans?

Slim Teen Rides Shaved Blonde’s Strap On Dildo

When I first started this blog, I had said that I would not posting any pictures of dicks, but I never mentioned anything about surrogate dicks, which in this case happens to be a strap on dildo.

This lesbian scene is from the site I don’t know who “Mutt” is, but I am guessing the mutt here is the photographer. The site mascot btw is a cute little mutt. Talking about mutts, I had to take mine to the vet today for an ear infection. One hour later, I came out with a bill of $200! That is more than how much it cost me to get the dog in the first place. Anyway, back to Little Mutt. If I were to describe this site, the best word I could use is “real”. The girls look real and natural. The settings and imagery are also very real, accessible and believable. There is not a lot of flash here. It is a lot of fresh looking girls in high quality pictures and video.

Click the picture to see more
Shaved brunette rides blonde wearing strap on dildo

Here Melisande(darker hair girl), the little spinner with a delicate, slim body is using her hand to insert and guide the strap on dildo worn by Aubrey Banks deep into her wet pussy. She rides the dildo and then proceeds to sit on the blonde’s face, as she spreads open Melisande large, prominent lips and sucks on her pussy. The blonde herself has a pretty, shaved pussy as we can see in this close up picture.

Hot Cayenne Pulls See Though Panties Aside and Fingers Her Wet Pink Pussy

Isn’t “cayenne” a type of fiery, hot pepper? Our Cayenne here is definitely one hot pepper that is burning up my computer screen. I thought Hungary was better known for Paprika, a sweeter, mellower pepper. But, this hot blonde babe, Cayenne is no such thing. I first introduced her on this blog in one very hot lesbian scene from, with Cayenne and her girlfriend engaged is some mind blowing oral sex, fingering and ass licking.

Here is Cayenne in a solo scene from, a guy who has been in the porn business for many years, even before the advent of the internet. He knows how to photograph hot women and bring out their raw sexuality.

Click the picture to see more of Cayenne
Cayenne spreads her pink pussy in wet see through panties

She looks very glamorous here. And that is what Ron Harris does best. But, don’t mistake the glamour for a tame, photo shoot. As you can see in the picture, she is wearing see through, white thong panties. The crotch of her panties is soaking with her pussy juices. Her panties are pulled aside exposing her delicious, pink shaved pussy lips and she has one finger deep inside her pussy. The look on her face is of a girl who is about to some real ecstasy. Cayenne looks gorgeous in this photo shoot. You get to see some real close ups of her glistening pink pussy lips, all wet and covered with her pussy juice.