Sex and Politics

When I am on the web and not surfing porn sites (it happens, not often though) I sometimes get around to reading some of the current affairs on popular news site. One of the topical items of the day is the elections in Ukraine. Apparently the pro-Russian ex-President of Ukraine is leading in the polls. But, what does this have to do with hot women? Sex and politics are a potent mixture. And being the politically aware blogger that I am, I decided to post a Ukranian girl to my blog today. So here, is Hanna, from a site called Met-Art. They are pioneers in erotic photography on the web and have one of the most extensive websites of erotic teen content you can find anywhere.

Click the picture to see more of her beautiful pussy

But, what it is specifically about Hanna that attracted me? I would have to say that besides her long, dark hair and pouty lips it was definitely her prominent, hairy and unshaved pussy mound. It is not often that you see an unshaved pussy on a hot girl. Most of them like to shave it clean these days. But, I have to say I like both. Sometimes a clean, shaved pussy is great, specially when performing oral sex. But, there are times when a neatly trimmed bush like Hanna displays here is a welcome change.

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