Low Rise Jeans

If any of you guys are slaves to fashion, you will know that low rise jeans are very popular these days. Heck, that is all the women seem to be wearing anymore. Now I have to say I love low rise jeans on girls. The way these jeans hang, just right at the start of curve of the ass and then hugging the butt nice and close, it even makes girls that have less than perfect asses look good.

But, I digress. Last week I was out looking for a new pair of jeans and I realized that they make low rise jeans for guys as well. I tried them on and I thought, hey these look pretty good, so I bought them. Since I have been wearing them last week, I have noticed a lot more women looking at me. I kid you not! I was wondering about this and I took a close look again in the mirror. And I noticed something. These jeans actually make my crotch look more prominent! It actually sticks out in a noticeable bulge, much more so than it does if I wear normal jeans. That is when it hit me. Women stare at men’s crotches, much like we stare at their tits, ass and pussy!

I don’t know if all low rise jeans are like that, but the ones I got are from H&M, a Swedish retailer. If you have one in your area, try them out and see if you get the same effect!

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