Round Ass Brunette Displays Prominent Shaved Pussy Lips

I have to say that I really like this pose, with the girl lifting up one leg to expose herself completely to the camera. I do sometimes wonder though about the level of confidence these girls must have to be able to present their bodies in such a manner.
Of course this stunning brunette has nothing to be shy about. Her beautiful round ass cheeks and shaved pussy with prominent pussy lips are pretty close to perfection.

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That looks like one very tasty pussy and butt. This girl is from I am finding it difficult to exactly classify the niche that they serve. They themselves describe what they offer as “erotic photography”. That in itself is true, but most of the erotic photography I have seen is softer. This site has more of an edge to it.

As you can see the models are stunning and pictures on this site are professionally photographed. I guess the best way to describe it would be a Hustler meets Playboy type of photography. You do get to see the closeups of pussy lips and ass in stunning clarity, but they are all done very artistically, rather than “in your face”. Does that make any sense?!

Ass Licking Lesbians

What do you guys think about this picture? Here we have a blonde, teen hottie with her tongue firmly between another teen’s beautiful, round butt cheeks. She is licking her pretty little butthole. Personally, I like it. I am all for lesbian ass licking, analingus, rimming or whatever the terminology of the day is for such activity. In fact, if the girl has a nice round ass and is clean, I have been known to lick a girl’s butt myself. I know that it is one of those topics people are a little queasy about. But, I was reading a article somewhere that stated that in some surveys conducted, it was found that anal sex between heterosexual couples is becoming increasingly common. But, you are not going to see that here guys, sorry. I am not posting any pictures of dicks in asses! In fact, there will no pictures of dicks on this site at all. All you are going to see is pictures of pretty girls and pussies. Period!

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For more pictures of lesbians, licking ass and pussy, dildos and fingering, is the place.

Paris Hilton Naked in Jungle

OK, not really, but does anybody else see a similarity between this model Lezhan from and Paris Hilton? Ok, to be fair there are a few differences. Lezhan is ACTUALLY attractive! Now, if I had to take my pick between Paris Hilton and Lezhan, my choice would NOT be Paris. Unlike Paris, Lezhan has probably not slept with half of Hollywood.

Then there are those sex tapes. I have already seen Paris having sex with Rick Salomon. I am sorry but that is a deal breaker for me. Whatever your girlfriend’s past, you always try to block it out and in your head imagine that you are the only one she has ever had sex with. Having seen Paris have sex on tape, I am ruined for a relationship with Paris. Every time I move up to kiss her, I will imagine Rick Salomon’s dick in her mouth. Call me old fashioned, but I don’t think that makes for a healthy relationship. Now, Nicky Hilton is another story, she is a hottie! Nicky darling, if you are reading this, Call Me!

Where was I anyway? Oh yes, Lezhana with her long blonde hair, piercing eyes, slim body and tiny breasts( I love them, don’t get implants).

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Met-art Beauty in Corset and Thong

Corsets, now why don’t women wear them anymore? I know there was a period that they were quite fashionable, when underwear became outerwear. I can’t recall exactly, but I think it was Madonna who popularized that trend in the 80s. Personally, I think a corset looks very classy. While we don’t live in Victorian England anymore where such attire was de rigeur, a corset is fitting for a special occassion. Here Osiria a corset and a black thong in these sexy pictures from

Luckily for us, that corset is pulled down to reveal beautiful breasts topped with suckable nipples. As she loses her thong we see some nice prominent pussy lips(or labia for your classy types).

I will let Met-art do what they do best, and let the picture do the rest of the talking.

Nella Czech “spinner” with Pouty Lips

I thought I would introduce you to another favourite nude model who has become very popular over the last couple of years. Her name is Nella and she is from the Czech Republic. Her look couldn’t be more different than Marketa‘s who I posted a couple of days ago. Nella is a brunette with a slim body that is a lot more charectiristic of the slavic models we see these days. In fact, she is what could be described as a “spinner”. Nonetheless, she is still stunning with a perfect round ass and a beautiful shaved pussy. She has wonderfully pouty lips and seems ready to jump into bed as she bends over in only her pink top showing us that fine ass of hers.

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This picture is from, a site that has quickly established itself in my rotation of “go to” sites when I am in need of some visual stimulation.

Sappho, Lesbos, Cayenne

Lesbians! What do you guys think when I say that? Almost every guy I knows loves some girl on girl action. For many, watching two hot girls together is the ultimate fantasy. Heck even a lot of girls I know confess to be bisexual or at least bi-curious and admit to having munched on pussy at some point in their life.

That brings us to Sappho. Sappho was a poet who lived in ancient Greece on the island of Lesbos. A lot of her poetry was about love and the object of desire in these poems was most often women. And Lesbos actually forms the origins of the world lesbian. So what you say? Aha, but now we have the next piece of the puzzle, the popular site for girl on girl hardcore action, Now, that you know the origins of the name maybe you can enjoy some of the mesmerizing content from this site. And that brings us to the final piece of this story, the very lovely Cayenne. Cayenne has a very rare quality. She combines the sweet and innocent with the hot and sexy. You want to hold her tenderly and fuck her senseless at the same time.

She has a very petite body, her small, suckable tits can’t be more than a handful. Her cute face, long blonde hair, freckles and innocent toothy smile on top of a perfect round ass make this girl a knockout. Enough words, here she is with her panties halfway down her thighs showing us that gorgeous butt.

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In this great lesbian shoot, Cayenne get deep fingered and her lucky girlfriend also gets to lick Cayenne’s beautiful ass and pretty butthole. Here is a link to the pictures for this set and here are some high quality videos.

Sex and Politics

When I am on the web and not surfing porn sites (it happens, not often though) I sometimes get around to reading some of the current affairs on popular news site. One of the topical items of the day is the elections in Ukraine. Apparently the pro-Russian ex-President of Ukraine is leading in the polls. But, what does this have to do with hot women? Sex and politics are a potent mixture. And being the politically aware blogger that I am, I decided to post a Ukranian girl to my blog today. So here, is Hanna, from a site called Met-Art. They are pioneers in erotic photography on the web and have one of the most extensive websites of erotic teen content you can find anywhere.

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But, what it is specifically about Hanna that attracted me? I would have to say that besides her long, dark hair and pouty lips it was definitely her prominent, hairy and unshaved pussy mound. It is not often that you see an unshaved pussy on a hot girl. Most of them like to shave it clean these days. But, I have to say I like both. Sometimes a clean, shaved pussy is great, specially when performing oral sex. But, there are times when a neatly trimmed bush like Hanna displays here is a welcome change.

Cute blonde with freckles and tanlines

Since I am posting hot blondes, I thought I might as well continue. Simona is from a site called MC-Nudes. They specialize in what has come to be known on the internet as “erotic nude photography“. And what you get are tasteful erotic images of some of the most beautiful young women in the world. Now, I know what some of you are thinking. Yawn. Where are the close ups of wide open pussy shots?! Now, I like to be up close to a pussy as much as the next guy, but I can tell you that some of these pictures will turn you on more than a stretched open pussy.

Take a look at this picture of Simona for example and click on her picture to see more pictures of Simona from the same photoshoot.

That is one beautiful blonde with cute freckles and some interesting tanlines. Some people don’t like tanlines, but I think she looks very cute with her paler skin telling the tale of the shape of bra and panties she like to wear.

Low Rise Jeans

If any of you guys are slaves to fashion, you will know that low rise jeans are very popular these days. Heck, that is all the women seem to be wearing anymore. Now I have to say I love low rise jeans on girls. The way these jeans hang, just right at the start of curve of the ass and then hugging the butt nice and close, it even makes girls that have less than perfect asses look good.

But, I digress. Last week I was out looking for a new pair of jeans and I realized that they make low rise jeans for guys as well. I tried them on and I thought, hey these look pretty good, so I bought them. Since I have been wearing them last week, I have noticed a lot more women looking at me. I kid you not! I was wondering about this and I took a close look again in the mirror. And I noticed something. These jeans actually make my crotch look more prominent! It actually sticks out in a noticeable bulge, much more so than it does if I wear normal jeans. That is when it hit me. Women stare at men’s crotches, much like we stare at their tits, ass and pussy!

I don’t know if all low rise jeans are like that, but the ones I got are from H&M, a Swedish retailer. If you have one in your area, try them out and see if you get the same effect!

Hot ass czech blonde

Welcome to, my ode to the most beautiful and delicious women on the web.. according to me! What better way to start this blog than with a woman that I have been in love with since the first time I saw pictures of her on the web. Her name is Marketa Belonoha and she has recently launched her new site Now, if there is any girl on the web that deserves a site dedicated to her beauty, it is Marketa. She is from the Czech Republic and lives in the beautiful city of Prague. Having been there, it certainly does not surprise. The concentration of beautiful women in that city is not even surpassed by the concentration of historic monuments.
Without any further ado, here is Marketa from her new website.

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What a great picture. She has the face of an angel and beautiful, long blonde hair. Her ass is perfect, nice and round and tight. I don’t know about you guys, but I know where I want to be. I would love to be lost between those beautiful long legs of hers.

Marketa has done quite a lot of modeling on the web for various other sites. I will be adding more content about her here as I find it.